Xiaomi issued an official statement on her phone, folding, and here are some pictures of the holographic device


It is not surprising to have company Xiaomi foldable phone working on its development currently. We’ve seen this phone in some of the videos that have been posted in the past, including a video that shows us the co-founder of Xiaomi, which uses this phone.

Released the Xiaomi company a formal statement to LetsGoDigital where the moving company on the phone by folding and some aspects related to the process of development and design in addition to overcome some of the challenges with the flexible screen and the mechanism of folding in addition to the way it reacts MIUI system with the phone during the folding and extending of the screen. This official statement also that it is developing a flexible screen used in this phone in partnership with the suppliers is not disclosed his name.

In addition, the site LetsGoDigital post some pictures of the computer that won’t be a three-dimensional model of phone Xiaomi rollaway is designed to build on previous leaks. The user interface used in these images do not reflect the interface of MIUI final that would be used by Xiaomi company on the phone. It should be noted that the Xiaomi company included two names for the prototype. One of them is ” Xiaomi Dual Flex ” and the other ” Xiaomi MIX Flex “. Of course, you may decide not to use any of the names in the end.

As you can see in the photo above, finally, Xiaomi folding it will be possible to fold twice from full screen mode. And through the folds of the tip of the device tablet you will be able to use the middle part of the screen only. Of course, the design used here was entirely different from the design used by Samsung in its phone rollaway.

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