Xiaomi issued an update that causes the crash some units of the Xiaomi Mi9 Special Edition

Xiaomi Mi9 Special Edition

Over the past few days, he explained many of the millions of Xiaomi phone Mi9 Special Editio on a global level to their own units broke down after installing latest update, which is being launched currently by the company.

At the moment, we don’t know what is the part of the affected devices and what if there was a way to overcome the problem, but we recommend all Xiaomi phone Mi9 Special Edition currently to avoid download and install this update perfectly to Xiaomi company to address the problem. It’s been about four days since the occurrence of the first incident which was reported in the official forum to buy Xiaomi.

Parameter update here is the update that carries the Brown No. MIUI and in mostly European markets. We have found information that the units imported from China with the installation of the Roman world we are not affected by this problem, but those purchased from the official retail stores to buy Xiaomi in Europe.


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