Xiaomi launches phone Mi 9 Pro as fast-charging technology in the world

Conference will be held Xiaomi’s flagship for the second half of the year officially, and the company will announce that it will launch phone two new Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G, MI 9 Pro 5G on 24 September, along with ads for new smart phones, will Xiaomi also remove the file from the operating system MIUI 11 OS Mi new TV, it seems that the company will close the registration system in the Mix series New, instead of adopting the name Mix 4, and will be named the new model as the Mi Mix 5G.

Phone Mi 9 Pro quickly shipped unprecedented

Xiaomi تطلق في 24 سبتمبر هاتف Mi 9 Pro بأسرع تقنية شحن في العالمXiaomi launches on September 24 phone Mi 9 Pro as fast-charging technology in the world

Called the Xiaomi official rating of these devices as phones characterized by artificial intelligence, as will Mi 9 Pro 5G on faster wireless charging technology in the world at the speed of 30 w, it is likely that features Mi Mix 5G with the same technique, will join these two phones TV Mi, I don’t know a lot about this new TV, but can be subject to distinct strictly 8K, it makes sense to know Xiaomi for TV Premium at this event, where he will work for OnePlus, the traditional competitor of the company for the TV they Smart of a few of the markets identified.

It will also use the conference Xiaomi flagship on September 24 to announce the system MIUI 11 new, it is reported that the new operating system features a design updated with icons standardized and new features such as “deals calls assistance assistants phonetic”, among other extras are numerous, since the end of the official conference of the company, we expect more details about these products in the coming days.

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