Xiaomi Mi 3 first Mix will get 10 GB of RAM and a modem 5G?

After 25 October, Xiaomi company needs to introduce a smartphone Mi 3 Mix. About it already a lot of leaks indicating that it will be a “slider”.

It is expected that the device will feature a OLED screen with a diagonal of 6.4 inches and SoC Snapdragon 845. However, yesterday and today Xiaomi posted a couple of teaser images that hint at what the novelty is, first, will receive support 5G, and second, 10 GB of RAM!

Well, as hinted in the second image it says right, if Google Translate correctly translated to the Chinese.

And if the 10 GB of RAM, all relatively speaking easy, but with support for 5G — no. And I’m not saying that it is now superfluous, it can be challenged. The point is that Snapdragon 845 does not contain a modem that supports 5G. Either Mix the Xiaomi Mi 3 will be released with the next platform Qualcomm, which is not even announced, or the modem would be a separate chip, although I still don’t really understand what it is. As I recall, there is only officially introduced the Samsung Exynos Modem 5100, which is commercially available needs to be more this year. No, there’s more Snapdragon X50, which showed in the end of 2016, and most likely it will be inside the new platforms Qualcomm, but it’s unclear when exactly all this will work. The last thing I read on this subject — beginning of 2019.

In General, this time I am really looking forward to the announcement of the new Xiaomi just out of professional curiosity.

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