Xiaomi officially announced the launch of the process of the development of MIUI ROM 11, and that it will be a new, unique


The Xiaomi company issuing the MIUI ROM 11 a very large number of smart phones, but now it’s time for the company to move forward. In line with that, began the Chinese company is now the development of MIUI ROM 11 which is said that it will be a ” new operating system and unique ” compared to the versions that have been launched in the past two years which comes with some minor changes.

Held company, Xiaomi social annual Xiaomi MIUI Core, where Mr. Liu Ming, who is head of the Department of Product Planning in the company of a truly inspirational speech. it was officially announced about the launch of the process of the development of MIUI ROMs 11.

According to some photos from the presentation, you will be MIUI ROM 11 faster than the MIUI ROM 9 as it would be more intelligent thanks to the artificial intelligence developed on the ground level. Moreover, there will come a MIUI ROM 11 as well with more features that mimic human interaction, and easily use the devices.

Why is the discussion of any physical specifications, but the company offered statistics inspirational, and the statistics that say that there are now more than 300 million users Rome of MIUI on more than 40 different device.


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