Xiaomi page opens pre-registration for games Phone Xiaomi BlackShark 2

xiaomi-blackshark-helo-led - black shark

Due to company Xiaomi slide the curtain officially unveiled the Xiaomi phone BlackShark 2 in day 18 of the month of March. Having said that, it just opens a page of pre-registrations for the phone. You can subscribe to be among the first to know when will the phone available for pre-order on many online stores, including JD.com and Blackshark and Mi Store.

You can find the Xiaomi phone BlackShark 2 and is presented for pre-order, despite having the Buy button, he is not currently working. It is also prone to 9999 Chinese Yuan Renminbi equivalent of US $ 1500 xha phone Xiaomi BlackShark 2, but this does not represent the real price of the device but it has been put this figure temporarily fill the void until it is officially announced the phone and view its official rate instead of this price.

Revealed photo trailer other from the east to the motherboard of your phone the Xiaomi BlackShark 2, which has been formed on the form of the letter S. and the interesting thing the most in these pictures is that they confirm us the arrival of this phone with 12GB of RAM and processor Snapdragon 855, which confirms the validity of the specifications that were monitored in the tests performance the week before.

Back of the phone Xiaomi BlackShark 2 will be curved edges, but it looks like it will have some LED bars available, making it a great way to inform you of notifications if you’re the type who puts his smart phone on the table screen down.


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