Xiaomi phone BlackShark 2 looms in the landscape


The Xiaomi company launched the first generation of the phone BlackShark in the month of April, but according to the images just appeared on the website of the commission communication of Chinese TENAA, it seems that the company Xiaomi is looking to launch the second generation of this phone is the gaming enthusiasts in the near future.

At the moment, we only got pictures and some fine details such as the dimensions and screen size and battery capacity, given the lack of completeness of the data listed on the site. Reveal the pictures about the design similar to the phone BlackShark current, but the dual rear camera is now placed vertically in the middle and the bottom sensor fingerprint. Furthermore, these images reveal to us further that the second generation of the phone BlackShark will continue to have Button Shark Key.


According to the information listed on the site, will ensure a phone BlackShark 2 new a screen size of 5.99-inch, battery with a capacity of 4000mAh. However, the dimensions refer to the structure of the slightly longer name a little as compared with the phone BlackShark current.

There’s also the possibility that what we see here is the low version of the price of the phone BlackShark current instead of its successor. We’ll have a better idea of once you body calls the Chinese of stealing the full technical specifications of this phone in its official website on the internet.



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