Xiaomi phone Mi9 Transparent Edition will have a special camera comprising a lens 7P girl f/1.47


Likely to be difficult for you to remember it, but before you say Samsung is announcing its new smartphones yesterday, the company Xiaomi also detects the phone, its new flagship Xiaomi Mi9. There is also a special version transparent of this phone available only in China currently.

We know that this transparent fabric of Xiaomi phone Mi9 includes 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory, as well as the interface background transparent and show us some of the interior elements of the device, although those elements is not real and does not reflect the interior design of the real phone. The appearance of these women inspired from the movie Alita Battle Angel apparently, but there is another difference between this version and the transparent and the regular version of the phone Xiaomi Mi9.

According to this captured image of the presentation to buy Xiaomi, it seems that the translucent fabric of the Xiaomi phone Mi9 you’ll get a special camera comprising a lens 7P and unzip 1.47. This means that this camera comes with 7 elements visually note that the advanced cameras include a maximum lens 5P or 6P, but decided to Xiaomi company to step adding towards the front with transparent fabric of her phone new flagship.

It is not clear what is the camera from among the cameras to the existing three on the back of the phone that use this number, but we believe as a basic camera, which amount to the accuracy of 48 megapixels, or at least that’s the hope. This means that the translucent fabric of the Xiaomi phone Mi9 will be allowed more light compared to the normal version of the phone, and more from any phone competitor in the market currently. Moreover, it is also expected to get better pictures at night with the translucent fabric of the Xiaomi phone Mi9.

Generally, the company Xiaomi is pricing transparent fabric of Xiaomi phone Mi9 equivalent to 595 del an American. We hope that the company decides to Xiaomi sell this version outside of China as well.


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