Xiaomi problematic, but the Samsung smartphone 2 times worse

Colleagues at Blancco who work in the field of data security, collected statistics on the problems of smartphones in the first quarter of 2018. It is pretty interesting.

According to statistics, the so-called Failure rate (failure rate) in the case of Samsung amounted to 27.4%. This is the worst rate in comparison with other manufacturers. In the case of Apple the highest failure rate of the iPhone 6 and 22%.

If you compare overall iOS and Android devices, the failure rate of iOS devices accounted for 15.2%, while Android devices amounted to 18.9%. iPhone 6 can be justified by the fact that in 2016 many owners had problems with the display and touchpad of the device, besides not so long ago, Apple added the ability to enable full performance when they get worn out battery, which led to their more rapid failure.

The most common problems of Android devices associated with performance, camera, microphone, battery charger and speaker:

Blancco wants retailers drew attention to the problems of Samsung smartphones. Even the failure rate of Xiaomi smartphones is almost 2 times lower and equal to 14.2%. In third place is Motorola with a score of 9.6%.

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According to the materials of Blancco

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