Xiaomi quietly stops to update some smartphones

The standard time update of Android smartphones is three years, of which the new operating system version come out only two years, whereas the third is exclusively for monthly security patches. However, not all manufacturers adhere to this rule, continuing to release updates for branded devices ahead of schedule at its discretion. Basically behave just As brands, but recently the club came in and Xiaomi.

As reported by users of social networks, the company Xiaomi is already about half a year of not releasing updates for Redmi Note smartphone 5. According to them, the last update the device received back in November and since then have not seen a single patch. In this case, apparently, the problem is characteristic only for the global version of the smartphone, which is distributed on the international market, whereas the Chinese modification of those gets updates quite regularly.

Update MIUI

It turns out that the dissatisfaction of the users was not due to lack of security patches as such, but the promised company of innovations that had to be implemented in the firmware of Redmi Note 5 in the last year. “Hey, how about updates for Redmi Note 5? – asks the Twitter user with the nickname bfbbasit. My smartphone runs on obsolete build of MIUI for the number, which I installed in November. When, one wonders, will we get support for Dual-4G?”.

Analysis of the situation showed that the lack of updates for Redmi Note Xiaomi 5 sanctioned because of the problems the developers faced in the optimization process of the firmware. According to the moderators of the official forum of MIUI, the update will be resumed in the foreseeable future. However, they chose not to call the exact timing, blurring the concept of “foreseeable future”, which may occur a few weeks or a few months.

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