Xiaomi Redmi intends to launch a smartphone with a processor Snapdragon 855 at a price less than 400$

Redmi Note 7

Snapdragon 855 the latest from Qualcomm is the processor that will work in most of the flagship smartphones that will be released this year. For example, will be using this processor in some of the units of the series phones Galaxy S10 Series, in other phones like OnePlus 7 and LG G8 ThinQ and Google Pixel 4 and other other phones. However, it seems that the sub-brand Redmi of Xiaomi company is looking to launch a smart phone low price features processor Snapdragon 855.

Used to be the Redmi is a brand launched by Xiaomi company on its smart phones low price, but decided to Xiaomi company recently converted to an independent brand to oversee the task of developing and manufacturing the smart phones themselves, although they will remain the property of the company Xiaomi. As a result, you’ll know Redmi now its smart phones under its own brand.

Redmi Note 7 is the first smart phone from the brand Redmi not to become independent from the parent company Xiaomi. As you have probably heard, this phone boasts a camera with 48 megapixels and costs about 150 USD. The said CEO of Xiaomi, Mr. Lei Jun is now that the independent brand Redmi will develop a smart phone will use the processor Snapdragon 855, and it will cost less than $ 400.

Wouldn’t be the first time that the brand is a subsidiary to buy a Xiaomi smartphone at a reasonable price with a processor a leading. Take the phone Pocophone F1 for example. It was launched at a price of $ 350 roughly with a flag that the processor uses a Snapdragon 845.

Did not disclose any other details about this phone at the moment. It is not clear how much it will be exactly when we can expect his arrival. Moreover, we do not know whether the company plans to launch it outside China or not.


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