Xiaomi reveal more features that will be coming by the phone Xiaomi Mi9


Revealed to us Xiaomi company they will remove the curtain officially unveiled the Xiaomi phone Mi9 tomorrow Wednesday 20 February, but it seems that the company is still facing the gradual disclosure of the specifications and features that will come with a phone its new flagship. Yesterday, the company announced some of the specifications and major features that will come out of this phone on different social networks, and today the company decided to reveal more.

You will have Xiaomi phone Mi9 special button for the digital assistant Google Assistant on the side, as it will feature an improved user interface thanks to the feature of night mode that allows using the phone in the dark without straining the eyes, and a Dual GPS that allow the identification of sites better in the crowded cities.

Moreover, the company Xiaomi is also growing Xiaomi phone Mi9 chip NFC new. While the company did not remove infrared transmitter ( IR Blaster ), they decided to go back to tool remote control is for your home appliances “. In fact, this does not seem surprising given that the company Xiaomi is betting too much on the smart home.

The user interface has become better also. There will be a dynamic wallpaper that would change the color shades of the elements throughout the day. You can also choose the screen Always-On Display with colorful patterns are customizable. Moreover, it has got MIUI ROM 10 to the night mode ” Dark Mode ” in most of the end applications of the system, this is called according to the Xiaomi company to reduce the energy consumption by 83 percent while using full brightness and 50 percent under the use of half the brightness.

When I started some companies such as LG, Vivo and Samsung do it, I have decided to Xiaomi company also now put a special button for the digital assistant Google Assistant on the side. Given that Google services are banned in China, it is likely that this button is in the units of the Chinese phone Xiaomi Mi9 call digital assistant Xiao Ai of the Chinese company. Apart from that, there are the new flagship of the Xiaomi company will also feature auto-switching smart antenna, as it will destroy the antenna of the advanced 4×4 MIMO, which will receive assistance from the processor Snapdragon 855.

We know almost everything about the phone, and all the rest is follow-up to the official announcement tomorrow and learn more about the process of launching this phone globally and prices official.


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