Xiaomi says that all phones coming in the year 2020 which cost more 285$ will pay 5G

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 kljhl

Earlier this year, announced the CEO of Xiaomi, Mr. Lei Jun, the company plans to launch at least 10 smartphones New compatible with the 5G networks. Today, through the word of opening, Guangzhou city of China, confirmed it again and said that all phones that are worth more than 2000 Chinese yuan ( about 285 USD ) will support the 5G.

Speech was CEO of Xiaomi, part of the China Mobile Global Partner Conference annual telecommunications company China Mobile. During the event, said the chairman of the company Yang Jie to plans aims to add 70 million users of networks of the fifth generation in the year 2020 and bring 5G technology to more than 100 industry. The guest was important to the other in the conference is Mr. Howard Liang, who holds the position of chairman of the board of Huawei.

Currently, the company has a Xiaomi wallet modest kind of devices 5G, there is a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G relatively old, the phone Xiaomi Mi9 Pro 5G available in China only, phone Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, which is largely just a concept with the knowledge that rumors reported that it will manufacture 500 units only from this phone.

By bringing more of the smart phones compatible with the networks 5G cheaper prices, are likely to see a new generation of young people up with devices like Redmi K30 and Xiaomi Mi 10 SE and Redmi Note Pro 9.

It would be the safest bet is to phones, Xiaomi Mi10 next and the next generation of Xiaomi phone BlackShark will also support 5G, plus the 4G is only in markets that are not available in the networks of the fifth generation after.


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