Xiaomi showed the night theme for MIUI 10, and she’s a terrible

Recently it became known that Google is preparing to introduce Android Q a universal night mode, which will be distributed not only at the interface of the OS, but the installed apps. Xiaomi company has decided not to lag behind the search giant and to implement something similar. Judging by the screenshots of a test version of the update, it will also darken the interface of OS and software, increasing comfort when using in low-light conditions.

According to FoneArena, who discovered the dark theme in MIUI 9.2.14, it will become available to users in the near future. On the screenshots you can see that the dark theme in MIUI, as in the case with the implementation of Google is not only the interface of the firmware, but to the application. However, apparently, the decision Xiaomi is able to dim only the regular applications without affecting third-party software. But perhaps it’s for the best, because the implementation of a dark theme, performed by Chinese looks, frankly, mediocre.

Night mode in MIUI

Instead of studying the influence of colors and shades on the vision, the developers Xiaomi just took the dominant deep black color and bright elements, contrasting horribly with each other. This combination seems to be not only able to facilitate the perception of content in the dark, but, on the contrary, runs the risk to aggravate the situation, forcing most users to disable it altogether and use automatic brightness adjustment.

Earlier it became known that Xiaomi already started working on MIUI 11. According to the company, the upcoming update will be radically different from anything that went before. The developers have promised a paradigm many innovative solutions that can change the presentation on branded firmware. And that’s how they succeed, time will tell.

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