Xiaomi smartphones falsifiziert results AnTuTu

Company Xiaomi. I love, but sometimes upsetting. Since you already read the title, I have to say, that’s the conclusion I came to and decided to share with you.

We are talking about the fact that Xiaomi falsificare test results AnTuTu. I don’t want to say how serious this situation is, but I think she is clearly insane.

The bottom line is that in my Redmi AnTuTu 6 processor Helio P22 automatically gives full power. All 8 cores Helio P22 when opening the app AnTuTu begin to operate at full capacity even when not running the benchmark itself. But, strangely enough, that 4 cores are working with 1.5 GHz, not 2 GHz as stated in the specs of CPU — we are trying to cheat here?

Go to the official website AnTuTu and check:

The maximum clock speed of all 8 cores should reach 2 GHz.

The temperature of the chipset when opening AnTuTu in the first second is normal, but after a very short time it rises above 60 degrees. It is connected with the fact that the processor instantly increases the frequency of the nuclei, this process happens automatically though, but not so fast that it was impossible to discern in a split second.

Redmi 6 and ZUK Z2

I, of course, suggested that this feature AnTuTu, however, running the same version of the benchmark on the smartphone ZUK Z2, nothing like that was observed. Also you may think that it is a feature of CPU which is quite weak and can use all the resources at application startup, but running, for example, an application “Vkontakte” and then opened AnTuTu for the analysis of frequencies, nothing I have not noticed the frequency in a time interval when the application was started VK, was low.

Thus, Xiaomi does not hide that specifically activates the mode of increased performance in AnTuTu. This, in turn, the result is a dishonest score, because in real life the processor is not running at 100% constantly, and how good the processor is capable of handling frequencies in different situations, manifested optimization of software and the presence or absence of lags in the system.

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