Xiaomi succeed in the sale of 1 million units of the bracelet, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 within just eight days

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The company Xiaomi slide the curtain officially on the bracelet fitness Xiaomi Mi Band 4 earlier this month with the screen colorful and sporty design the best. He raised the bracelet fitness this admiration of Chinese consumers that it was selling more than a million units this bracelet in the first eight days after availability. Still the rest of the world wait before getting this bracelet, they are for example going to Europe under the name of Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4.

Reported Xiaomi company that at the time it was shipped 5000 units per hour, making it the fastest device wearable are shipped by the company at all. Come bracelet, Xiaomi Mi Band new 4 with the OLED display the largest and strictly the best, the glass is curved at the top and more functions, but the company Xiaomi is that it will maintain a battery life that ranges between 15 and 20 days, and this is the main selling point of this bracelet.

The price of the bracelet fitness Xiaomi Mi Band 4 starts from 21 Euros, while the price of the Women Premier which supports NFC technology not equivalent to 30 euros. Will be presented this bracelet for sale in stores Mi Store in all of Spain and Italy for 35 euros, a price is still appropriate for this bracelet, for to the enhanced features that come out compared to the bracelet, Xiaomi Mi Band 3, which arrived before 12 months compared to 29 euros.


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