Xiaomi talking about the ugliness of the notes in a series of promotional ads New

Xiaomi Front Camera

Revealed Xiaomi company in the past week on phone Xiaomi Mi 9T global markets, despite the fact that this phone is only a phone Redmi K20 with a different name, it doesn’t mean it’s not a phone characteristic of the middle class, especially if we take into account that it comprises a screen-free of blocks or holes, it features a front camera popup.

Focus Chinese company on exactly that marketing the phone Xiaomi Mi 9T in a new series of promotional ads for the phone which talk about the ugliness of the widget in the screens of smart phones. And won’t every episode how the cut appears to be silly in different cases :

We would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Xiaomi company itself has launched several smart phones with the track, so this trick looks very cunning on their part. Or maybe she found out that the young man with concerned bad all of a sudden? Wait no, this is not the case, I have tried Xiaomi company with series phones Xiaomi Mi Mix Series use many solutions and designs for years to of the frame the thick corporate sector and other parameters. Thus, this is just a marketing ploy from the Chinese company, it seems to judge its effectiveness.

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