Xiaomi Technology shipped a new charge card with a capacity of 4000mAh in a matter of only 17 minutes

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

The size of the battery is a major selling point for smartphones these days, but also available, you may use the process of charging the large batteries a longer time. For this reason companies have developed techniques for rapid charging to charge batteries rapidly. And mentioned that, he paraded US company Xiaomi is now the technique of a new cargo ship with 100 watts and can charge a battery with a capacity of 4000mAh in full within only 17 minutes.

For comparison, the phones can flagship like the Galaxy S9 handle up to 15 watts when it comes to Fast shipping, now you can know the extent to which the charging technology, a subsidiary of Xiaomi quick. It should be noted that the company Xiaomi is not the only company that has developed techniques for the Fast shipping, the company Oppo in its turn the development of charging technology allows charging the batteries some of its smart phones compatible 50 watts, which allows loading of 65 percent of the battery capacity 3700mAh in a matter of only 17 minutes that took charging technology, a subsidiary of Xiaomi battery capacity 4000mAh full.

The company Xiaomi introduced the fast charging technology of this new referred to by the name of Super Charge Turbo in a video posted on the social network of Chinese Weibo. It was in this video use charger 100-watt. However, this shipper alone is not enough to take advantage of the speed of the shipping.

You’ll also need a compatible phone that can handle this large amount of energy, otherwise you will not benefit from the speed of the full charge provided by this charger. Thus, this means that if I use this charger with the phone Galaxy S9, but not limited to, there still will be shipping at the speed of 15 watts only. It is likely to see Xiaomi company include technology Super Charge Trubo new in one of its smart phones leading the next.

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