Xiaomi unveils mechanical keyboard ” Xiaomi Game Keyboard ” at the price of 33$


You say Xiaomi manufactures a range of very different products. While it is known to the majority consumers on it manufactures smartphones, it has created many other products, including smart home appliances, electric bikes, and planes without a pilot, and recently the latter company has also access to the market accessories computers gaming through the launch of the keyboard mechanical.

Mechanical keyboard new Chinese company called Xiaomi Game Keyboard, a mechanical keyboard targeted at gamers who do not want to spend a lot of money. The price of a mechanical keyboard this New is 229 Chinese yuan equivalent to $ 33 dollars, making it one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards available in the market today.

The design of the keyboard Xiaomi Game Keyboard is very banal, it is a 104-button with RGB wallpaper, cover metal. There will also be technology Anti-Ghosting with the support of thirty-three buttoned, there will also be support for users to change the view of RGB, where they can choose between different styles.

Moreover, using a keyboard Xiaomi Game Keyboard buttons TTC Red, it seems that this is the only option available. It’s definitely not a mechanical keyboard the most impressive, but for $ 33, it’s hard to complain.



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