Xiaomi will block some Wi-Fi channels in 5 GHz for its smartphones

Xiaomi took the decision to block the ability of corporate smartphones work in some Wi-Fi channels at 5 GHz for a number of countries. The representatives of the company wrote on the official support forum, putting as the cause of its ban by the state authorities of the European Union. The restriction will be introduced in more than 30 countries, among which also includes countries that were part of the former USSR.

“A 5-GHz Wi-Fi network (channel 1) will no longer be supported by our products in certain countries due to restrictions of the European Union imposed on private use of such networks on channels 1 and 2,” — said in an official statement Xiaomi.

The country, which blocked Wi-Fi channels 1 and 2

— Austria
— Belgium
— Bulgaria
— Croatia
— Cyprus
— Czech Republic
— Denmark
— Estonia
— Finland
— France
— Germany
— Greece
— Hungary
— Ireland
— Italy
— Latvia
— Lithuania
— Luxembourg
— Malta
— Netherlands
— Poland
— Portugal
— Romania
— Slovakia
— Slovenia
— Spain
— Sweden
— Egypt
— Hong Kong
— Singapore
— Turkey
— Ukraine

Despite the fact that Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Hong Kong and Singapore do not belong to the European Union, these countries recognize the CE marking, indicating the conformity of product essential requirements and standards in the Commonwealth.

How to connect to Wi-Fi 5 GHz

Support 5-gigagertsevyj Wi-Fi networks will be removed from firmware all smartphones and tablets Xiaomi without exception. This happens with the release of one of the next updates of the software part. If desired, the user can bypass the lock without installing the update, either by changing the region of your location in the settings. In this case, most likely, all future updates will not contain those limitations.

Despite the fact that in the countries of the above list Wi-Fi channels 1 and 2 are blocked for private use, the residents of these countries will be able to work with the wireless connection on the 5 GHz band, using the other channels. And because their total number exceeds ten, then, in fact, end users should not notice any changes.

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