Xiaomi will soon start selling their products through vending machines in India


The company announced the Xiaomi about its plans to create a gazebo Xiaomi Mi Express in India. This is about vending machines that customers can use to buy Xiaomi products directly, without having to deal with any brokers. Will be vending machines that exist in the big cities where there are public areas and large areas such as parks and metro stations, airports and shopping centers.

Consumers will be able to purchase products using credit cards debit cards and cash. And Xiaomi company to install these stalls over the coming months and eventually to include more cities across the country.

Think vending machines for Xiaomi Mi Express is another step from Xiaomi company to remove the broker from the transaction and sell the products directly to the customer. Company Xiaomi already through its official website Mi.com on the internet as well as follow-through the actual Mi Store affiliate. This allows the company to sell its product at a price much less. Featuring vending machines Xiaomi Mi Express is cost-effective because it does not require the presence of a salesperson or staff and customers can run the machine themselves.

More information about these stalls and their locations will be available in the near future on the official website to buy Xiaomi.


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