Xiaomi working on a new feature called AI Shutter doing the same role of Top Shot on phones, Google

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

Reveals the latest research conducted by the developers in the XDA Developers that the company Xiaomi is working on feature similar to the feature of the Top Shot existing in the Google app Camera of Google. The company launches Xiaomi on this feature the name ” AI Shutter ” is likely to be included in the MIUI ROM 12 in the future.

The feature works AI Shutter just as you would the Top feature Shot on phones, Google Pixel. This feature took a series of pictures, and then determine the machine learning algorithm is the best image in this series of images. Usually the programme is looking for the image where the target smiling, and closes his eyes and into the camera.

There are some other features such as Magic Clone support gestures fill the screen that will reach the camera app default in MIUI ROM 12 will be able to experience once you get the stable version update MIUI 12 on your phone. Or at least some of them.


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