Xiaomi working on a similar technique for Face ID for phone Xiaomi Mi7

Xiaomi ID

It seems that the widget located at the top middle of the screen of the phone Xiaomi Mi7 will be more than just a design. Reveal a picture was leaked today about having a system similar to the system TrueDepth in this piece located at the middle top of the phone next flagship of the Chinese company.

As you probably know, the system TrueDepth in Phone iPhone X you think you have many of the features available in the current flagship phone company America, including Face ID, and Animoji. In the bigger picture that was leaked today, and above, they are confirming to us that the company Xiaomi is working on similar technology will also allow the phone Xiaomi Mi7 is concerned with the recognition of three-dimensional on the face, possibly with a new type of animated emoji.

Photos that have been leaked in the past and know not that the phone Xiaomi Mi7 will cut in the top middle section of the screen unlike some of the current smart phones, which includes pieces of relatively small. And now, thanks to this image that was leaked the day we made sure that the size justified, justification in this case is the cutting-edge technology stuffed inside.

Think most of the smart phones supported by Android which have the face detection on the front camera is just for user identification. So, they leave the remaining space in the widget Sensor Proximity, Sensor ambient light, headset ear, this resulting in much smaller pieces.

It was reported that Xiaomi company faced some problems in providing phone Xiaomi Mi7 with similar features Face ID, which delayed the launch of the phone. It is now rumored that he will be officially announced about this phone on the 23rd day in the month of May, while the launch of the phone Xiaomi Mi6 in the month of April of last year.



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