XR iPhone sales went around the iPhone XS and XS Max in Russia

In the first weekend iPhone sales XR in Russia exceeded sales of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max of 34% in quantitative terms, making a 6.1-inch the novelty of the most popular model of Apple 2018. Such data are cited by ATHOL, a leading manufacturer of online and box office software for trade automation. Analysts have studied the statistics of sales in the domestic online stores that are connected to the rental service online banks in the period from 26 to 28 October.

The best-selling, according to ATOL, was a 128-Gigabyte version of the iPhone XR. Its share accounted for 57% of all sales, which is quite a lot. Model with a storage capacity of 64 GB bought almost half as often (32%), while the eldest, 256-Gigabyte modification, relished only 11% of Russians. Probably scared off the high price of the device, although it is XR the iPhone was the best smartphone Apple offering the cheap memory upgrade.

The most popular color iPhone XR

As for the colours, the Russians partially confirmed the trend which originated on the iPhone, XR in conservative colors, which was fixed the rest of the world. As noted by ATOL, the first popular in the domestic market was the version in black with a share of 32%, the second — in the red (21%), and the third is blue (13%). The most unpopular were coral and yellow modification, which had only 8% of sales in quantitative expression.

The reasons for the high demand for iPhone XR is obvious. In addition to the actual design, the smartphone has advanced features, bypassing the level of performance even of the flagship competitors. Despite a number of compromises, which went to the manufacturer, the novelty has not become worse, offering consumers a competitive price, which was more than 20 thousand rubles lower than the base iPhone XS. In addition, iPhone XR is a very promising device, which in the future will only get better.

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