XR OnePlus or iPhone 6: what to buy?

Yesterday Apple introduced the iPhone XR. Regarding the budget iPhone with a powerful iron, but without dual cameras. I’m sure many will face a choice β€” OnePlus 6 or iPhone XR? We will try to solve this issue in the current material.

OnePlus 6 was submitted six months ago. In relation to the market it is quite a fresh device, however, not the case with OnePlus, which updates devices every six months. OnePlus 6T will be submitted very soon, so it would be more correct to compare the XR with a 6T. However, 6T official data yet, so 6T will not be considered.

OnePlus is equipped with 6,28 6-inch OLED display, Snapdragon processor 845, 6/8 GB RAM and 64/128/256 GB of flash memory, dual main camera (16 MP f/1.7 OIS + 20 MP f/1.7), 16 MP front (f/2.0, EIS) battery 3300 mAh, port, Type-C, fingerprint scanner and face scanner.

iPhone XR received a 6.1-inch LCD display, 6-core processor A12 Bionic, 4 GB of RAM, 12-Megapixel main camera with an aperture of f/1.8 and OIS, 7-MP front-facing (f/2.2, EIS) and face scanner FaceID.

Until the final conclusions to do early, as there is no data about the battery of the iPhone, there’s no real examples of photos taken with XR.

If you rely on the presentation, the company paid much attention to the camera, introduced an analogue of HDR+, iPhone XR to take pictures will definitely not worse than the iPhone X. In the case of OnePlus 6 camera is inferior to the iPhone camera X, so fans of photos is definitely worth a look in the direction XR. In addition, the smartphone supports portrait mode, while not having an additional module.

On the display all is also ambiguous. OLED technology is more advanced, but knowing the possibilities of Apple and the company’s approach, IPS display, the XR can be head and shoulders above the display 6 OnePlus, so it is too early to judge. But one thing is clear, if OLED screens hurt my eyes, XR is obviously better choices.

To argue about which system is better, I won’t. This choice is very personal, each person has their own preferences, so this question will be omitted and only compare the technical capabilities of the devices.

845 Snapdragon is inferior to Apple A11 in all tests and in practice, and about the A12 can not be silent. A12 GPU was 50% faster, and the 6-core CPU 15% faster. In other words, Apple simply went into the lead, and if you love to play games, iPhone XR better than any Android device.

What would I take?

My choice β€” iPhone XR. Better to pay $ 220 and get a smartphone with the most efficient processor in the world and one of the best cameras on the market, rather than outdated device dominated in the past by the processor and a questionable camera.

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