XR price of iPhone in Russia fell below 50 thousand rubles

The promised lower prices for the flagship model of the iPhone, which occurred in the official Russian retail at the initiative of Tim cook, could not go unnoticed and for independent retailers that also hastened to go on the same step. But the only tangible policy emergency dumping has affected supplimental iPhone XR, the price of which fell even below the comfort for many consumers of Russia the level of 50 thousand rubles.

According to “Yandex.Market”, as of February 18, 2019 iPhone XR in the Russian retail can be purchased from 49 890 rubles. It’s almost a third cheaper than the official price set by Apple in the branded online store. There for a similar device in the basic configuration, asking for a little more than 66 thousand rubles. Huge, if you think about it, a difference that cannot be justified or free courier delivery to door, no possibility of a return without explanation with a full refund.

Why is the iPhone so cheap XR

Obviously, iPhone XR at a price below 50 thousand rubles were imported into Russia bypassing official channels of supply, and therefore, most likely, they are not subject to the one-year limited warranty. However, this is not always the case. To find out whether the model you purchase iPhone XR maintenance at authorized service centers, please note its identifier, which is indicated on the back of the factory packaging.

What version of iPhone XR to buy

For example, models A1984/2108 intended for sale in the USA, Hong Kong and mainland China, and therefore cannot be repaired or replaced with a new instance in case of factory defects. But the model A2105 sold to Europe, some Asian countries and Russia and thus subject to the one-year limited warranty with the option to be serviced in authorized service centers.

The differences between the American version of the iPhone XR from European

If you failed to find a European copy iPhone XR, buying American (Chinese) version, be prepared for some differences. Firstly, the us version comes with us power supply, which is characterized as a form not corresponding to European outlets, and supported by the power, which is limited to 110 watts. Secondly, the American iPhone have no restrictions on the volume output to headphones sound, unlike the European, whose maximum value is 80 dB.

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