Yahoo is on its way to pay 117.5 million to settle a problem of leak of the data of the famous

ياهوو في طريقها لدفع 117.5$ مليون لتسوية مشكلة تسريب البيانات الشهيرة

Cheating on Yahoo since the period of the war in the courts after several operations, the diversion of big data since 2013 and until 2016, which began with the process of diversion of data is the largest in history up to now through hacked 3 million accounts, and then followed her to penetrate the 500 million accounts on almost twice.

Was Yahoo trying to get rid of the problems successive earlier made an offer to pay$ 50 million to the court, but the judge refused this time not to clarify details about the value of tolerance of the opposition and the impact that data.

But the Yahoo-owned telecommunications company of America The Great Verizon, the back of the court and made a presentation for $ 117.5 million, and in the case the court approved it as it is expected the company will pay directly to resolve the crisis that hit them for years.

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