Yahoo turned “saving clubs” to apply on behalf of the Tanda

Launched Yahoo Finance a new application on behalf of the Tanda to be a variant of the digital “groups”.

Turn a lot of people around the world; for many reasons, most notably economic necessity, to what we call in Syria, and probably most of the Arab states, the name of the “Association”, as the consistent group of people to watch a certain amount of money weekly or monthly, to take away someone’s full amount; each according to his role, which often happens through the draw, and so the Assembly will even take all the participants of the building community.

But what if you turned those “groups” to the application installed on your smart phone, then connecting it with your bank account, and then specify the amount you can contribute each month, then wait your turn with people you may not know them! This is done by Yahoo.

As it launched the “Yahoo Finance” Yahoo Finance, the financial arm of Yahoo, a new application on behalf of the “tanda” Tanda, which is the name given in some countries of South America on what we call “Association”.

But how does the app work? You must first create an account, then confirm the “Personal Identification Number” ID get it, and then linking the account with your bank account. And because the vast majority who buy in groups looks to be of the first to get it, “Yahoo Finance” to the mechanism based on fees and bonuses to please everyone.

If you wish to have your turn among the first, you have to sacrifice 8% and 7% of the Assembly during the first two months, if the building society is 500 USD, the first person to get the Assembly will take 460 USD. If, however, you accept to be the latter, then you will get a bonus of 2%, to $ 510, according to our previous example.

It is indicated that the amount deducted from everyone will go to “Yahoo Finance”, which is what the company plans do not get rid of the app.

You must now think about the following question! What if you decided one of the participants left the assembly before the end? The company confirms that in the event this happens, they will pay the amount of when the.

Recall that the application comes with tab, first of all operations involving the user as the “Association.” My Saving Circles, and the other on behalf of “everyone” Everyone, at last user can post public posts everyone can see, in addition to the chat feature for groups identified as a factor.

Finally, you can download the application Tanda from the store Google Play, with reference to the it supports version 5.0 and later of the Android system.

What do you think of the idea of the application of Tanda is? Do you expect no success? Share your opinion the comments.


Source: Yahoo converted Association “savings” to the application of the name Tanda

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