Yahoo you read the e-mail to its users to gather information for ads

ياهوو تقرأ البريد الالكتروني لمستخدميها لجمع معلومات للإعلانات

It seems that Yahoo didn’t write of her old feelings that led to its bankruptcy and acquisition of the telecommunications company of America Verizon, because the “back RIM for old“. According to a report by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the Yahoo based restaurant Group E-mail to its users.

Despite the transition of ownership, except that the new owner of the Verizon doing a survey to data users in e-mail messages of Yahoo calls, as well as AOL via its subsidiary company other Oath , which was founded after the acquisition of Yahoo, to use the data later in targeting users with ads depending on the content that they write wearing.

According to the report, more than 200 million e-mail has been analyzed to take advantage of the data and sold to advertisers to target the users of the service better. The company has developed a secret tool within the e-mail you download the data automatically for a while.

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