Yandex advertises cryptocurrency project Scam

At the end of 2017, our reader shared her sad story. He lost 2 ETH, and did so because of carelessness and the issuance of Yandex. Recall that the user has typed in the searcher “MyEtherWallet” and moved the upper link, which was a project of fraud. It cost him about $ 600. It seems that now for a repeat of all the conditions. To advertising with Yandex, there are again issues.

The contents

Ethereum POS Pool — divorce

The story is simple: our colleague read the news on the website about the Formula 1. Then he got a strange banner from Yandex Direct. The ad offered to pay attention to the “highly Ethereum POS Pool”.

The is a Scam. Source: F1news

The ad contains the word “high”, that is, it is clearly on earnings. But since Ethereum is still far from implementing a Proof-of-Stake, it smells like deception. It was enough to cause interest and force them to study the project.

Go to the link. We welcome to “the Ethereum PoS pool”. A website with questionable design supposedly shows the actual data for the resource. It is almost 5 thousands of miners deposits in the amount of 2 thousand ETH and the amount of the paid remunerations. Just below you can see the approximate percentage of income and profit calculator.

Site “Pula”. Source: skam-project PoS-Pula

It’s funny that investors have supposedly have “levels” depending on the amount of investment that resembles a sale of cosmetics on the scheme of network marketing. Among the ranks of investors including a “co-owner” and even somehow “mastered”.

It seems that the creators just wanted to fill the site with random words that you could hear the potential victim. It is necessary to inspire confidence.

The calculator promises to 11.2 percent in the month after the Deposit of 100 ETH. That is an investment in the $ 18 thousand supposed to bring 68 bucks a day.

The yield calculator. Source: skam-project PoS-Pula

On the website actively appear warning about security. In these developers ask to ensure that you are on the platform with the correct address, and advised not to install plugins, connect two-factor authentication and not to share passwords. In General, all as on the stock exchanges.

The security warning. Source: skam-project PoS-Pula

Security recommendations on the website fraudulent project look ironic.

In the letter to register them, too.

A letter from a “pool”. Source: email

Go to the tab “About” and see the signs of a Scam. Look at this logo.

Tab “About”. Source: skam-project PoS-Pula

I lent it to the creators MyEtherWallet, but it was replaced by the MEW logo on the PoS. Masterpiece work. The original looks like this, if that.

The MEW website. Source: MyEtherWallet

To sum the intermediate results. We have three arguments in favor of the fact that the project is Scam.

  1. The Ethereum have not yet switched to PoS, that is, to make stacking impossible. Guys use the famous theme to attract attention and inspire confidence in the inexperienced investors;
  2. The website looks awful, the design is clearly created in two hours;
  3. The creators stole the logo MyEtherWallet.

The details of deception Ethereum POS Pool

But that’s not all. Now on to the facts. On the main page to see “last PoS-payments”. Users allegedly get a decent amount, and regularly. There are 0.001, 0.01 and even 0.02005 ETH.

In the last installment. Source: skam-project PoS-Pula

Customers clearly “earn", the newcomer definitely will not want to miss this.

Click on the first “miner” and view history of payments.

Information about miner. Source: skam-project PoS-Pula

Translation, like many, and all are displayed with the status “Completed”, that is carried out. But if they’re real?

Go to blockchain Explorer Etherscan and check the address from the screenshot above (0xf048955889a042e1924dd74a16552baecd09e31a).

Here is the list. There is only two transactions. No transfers as “PoS reward” no.

Information about the wallet. Source: Etherscan

Perhaps they are enrolled, but accidentally hit tab transaction with the ERC-20 tokens? No. This tab to this address simply does not. She looks and is displayed next to the transfers in the air.

Tab from ERC-20 tokens. Source: Etherscan

You read that right: the developers just finished a non-existent transaction to simulate the operation of the platform. But no no payments, no income. Customers simply send the translation, and it's all over.

Check in Ethereum POS Pool

For fun, let’s see what offers personal account after registration. We even got their own purse. And payments supposedly will start once the balance reaches 0.2 ETH.

Personal Cabinet. Source: skam-project PoS-Pula

What we propose to do? To fill casual purse, to which we have no access to private keys.

Personal Cabinet. Source: skam-project PoS-Pula

Now I understand that the purses created not by users, and cheaters. Let’s take a look at the screenshot on the mentioned address.

Information about the wallet. Source: Etherscan

Now see the transaction differently. Users fill someone else’s wallet, and the owner immediately withdraw money to another. The recipient’s address starts on 0xbc87, see?

View a different address from the “list of payments”. The schema is the same. One Deposit from user and output to the address.

Information about the wallet. Source: Etherscan

And here is the address (0xbc87dbb9c103f2d2d02044fb822bd057cf072dc1) — balance 34.65 ETH or 6369 dollars.

Information about the wallet. Source: Etherscan

Judging from the transaction, any tiny payment to 0.01, the owner no one sends. Anyway the surgery is performed much less frequently than shown on the website.

Transaction main wallet. Source: Etherscan


This is a common Scam, which covers future updates of Ethereum, and also promises a relatively big profit and stable payments. In the end, users just join someone’s purse and left with nothing.

The scheme is designed for new entrants to the industry or just people looking for possible earnings. They are not familiar with the cryptocurrency, but somewhere I heard the word “masternode”, “the Ethereum” and such.

Hacker. Source: 2Биткоина

The money is sent to the purse, which has more than 6 thousand dollars. For the sake of such earnings can be and is Yandex to order.

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