Yandex.Phone at the presentation on 19 November, would not be?

The Yandex company is the source of all innovation in the Russian market. The company can be called Russian Apple. Yandex holds an annual conference for developers, which shows new technology and devices. In may of this year, the boys have organized one of these conferences Yet Another Conference. Her company told about Alice and presented Yandex.Station. November 19 we are having another event, which was planned to submit to Yandex.Phone.

At least, this was the first to write colleagues from Statements citing people close to the company. Now the Agency TASS , citing its own sources said that at the presentation of Yandex.The phone simply will not.

“Yandex” at the presentation on Monday, November 19, plans to show the partner device on the basis of its platform Yandex IO, which allows you to integrate voice assistant “Alice” in different gadgets, said the source TASS. “Yandex.Phone” the presentation is not submitted, he says.

12 Jul Yandex Services AG received permission to release Yandex.Phone (YNDX-000SB). And this is a serious hint for a soon release of the device, after previously the same way, the company received permission to launch Yandex.Station.


The company, in my opinion, still represent the long-awaited smartphone. And the news of our colleagues from the TASS rather try Yandex to create some intrigue around the launch, because when the consumer expects new products, the effect of their appearance much greater.

Yandex.The phone, according to rumors, should be the smartphone of an average price category. It will cost 15-20 thousand rubles. Surely the device will get a firm shell Yandex, built in Alice, and buyers of the Phone receive various bonuses related to the company’s services in the form of free subscription.

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