Yandex.Taxi buys the company “Optium” — developer of online services for the management of taxis

Platform “Yandex.Taxi” has announced the conclusion of the acquisition of the company “Optium”, which specializiruetsya on the creation of online services for the management of taxis. Services “Opteum” work in 2012. They allow the managers and owners of taxi companies expect wages and compensation to their drivers and to optimize their work on the line. Furthermore, the “Opteum” help automate the process of renting taxis. Finally, the available tools for quick preparation of financial reports.

After the transaction, the command “Optima” will go to Yandex.Taxis and will continue to improve its services. In the future, the program “Optima” for taxis will be integrated into the control room — similar solution from Yandex.Taxi.

“Team “Optima” was able to create the best product on the market that automatiseret almost all business processes of the taxi companies of any size. Now our challenge is to scale these solutions. We want to offer all taxi companies-partners of Yandex.Taxi — they will be able to use it without additional fees”, — said General Director of Yandex.Taxi Tigran Khudaverdyan.

In the future services “Opteum” will be available to all partners “Yandex.Taxi”. Companies and taxi companies can use these products without additional charges.

We Will Remind, “Yandex.Taxi” and Uber announced the creation of the merged company to operate in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia in July 2017.

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