Year ago from Antarctica broke off a huge iceberg. What happened to him during this time?

Almost a year ago Antarctic glacier Larsen has created iceberg A-68, one of the largest blocks of ice from everyone that knows the story. Video made using satellite imagery, shows a split, separation and the subsequent journey of the iceberg in the last 12 months. Iceberg A-68 — the sixth largest iceberg known to exist. At the time of the separation block with an area of 5800 square kilometres (almost a third of the area of the Crimea, if that) weighed almost 1,000 billion tonnes. Freed from the ice shelf Larsen C, A-68 began to slowly drift to the North. Slowly being the key word. As the shooting, this huge piece of ice in a hurry.

Adrian Luckman and Martin O’leary of project MIDAS, a British research project in Antarctica, which explores the effects of climate change on an ice shelf, Larsen C, saying that an iceberg had drifted far from the dense ice cover in the Weddell Sea.

“The iceberg was pushed by ocean currents, tides and winds, but the North end has repeatedly run aground near glacier lift Bowden”, write Luckman and O’leary. “These groundings have led eventually to further fragmentation of the iceberg in may 2018”.

New pieces of iceberg large enough to get their own names, but the total area of losses A-68 in may by itself will be the size of a small town. Over time, the iceberg will continue their gradual movement into the open sea; it will take decades. Scientists estimate that A-68 lost 12% of its total mass over the last year. But it is still huge.

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