yellow puzzle simple

Developers yellow departed from classic puzzles. The game has no endless tips and need to restart the level. All that the creators have replaced the common goal. Received millions of downloads, 44 thousand fives and an average rating of 4.8 points.

The meaning of yellow is simple. The player sees a black-and-yellow image. Task — to remove dark spots and make a solid yellow background.

How to do it — decide for yourself. In one level sufficiently to move the upper part of the figure, in the other sketches black figure. Will move the yellow figures in the opposite direction and hit the ball in the hole.

A total of 50 levels. The beauty of the game lies in its diversity. For each round will be a strain on the brain and find a unique logic decisions.

If something does not work, do not worry. Click tips in the upper right corner and view the ads.

yellow — a game for every day. The game will stretch my thinking apparatus and at the same time add yellow paint to life.

App: yellow
Developer: Bart Bonte
Category: Puzzle
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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