You affect fine Google on prices of Android phones in the future?


Is one of the main reasons behind the proliferation of Android phones is the low price, as there are a large range of phones the good from the makers of the phones, most of which are cheaper than the iPhone, but this may be about to change, thanks to the decision of the European Agency for the control of competition imposed a fine of $ 5 billion on Google due to the misuse of operating system to dominate on the phones, as the European Commission said that Google should stop their practices within 90 days or else will face more fines.

Said Pinar akman, Associate Professor of law at the University of Leeds: “it is likely that this may make it more expensive phones already depending on how Google’s decision to comply with the resolution”.

Posted ackman in an earlier case involving Google, the European Union, where he conducted some research, commissioned by Google, but did not participate in the case of Android.

According to the website “Business Insider”, the British venture the potential impact of the fine, the Committee on the Android platform to the two problems, the first is that Google provides android for free, and they make most of their money through advertising on the Search Network, the other problem is that the Android OS is dominant, with more than 2 million active device.

Can the makers of phones license android for free, thereby reducing programme costs and these savings to the consumers by using cheap phones, but the main problem, according to the EU, is that Google is also requiring manufacturers to re-install Google Apps like search, Chrome browser to access the application store play, which is necessary for the Android system core.

The Committee has indicated that Google has made most of its money from ads on the search network, so the force the force the manufacturers of the phones on the installation pre-development research to be one of the ways to ensure its continuation in the pounds of the funds of the operating system available for free.

Will ensure Google that the users of Android will use its services, will be one of the ways of compensation for lost revenue is to impose a fee on the operating system famous dramatically.

He added, “ackman said:” this would increase costs for manufacturers, and then lead to increased prices for mobile phones.

But she added that Google may find different ways to comply, did not disclose it, saying that it was difficult to guess the different results because the European Commission had not yet published its decision in full, which will determine the position of its legal remedies.

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