You application becomes Youz the future of social networks (speed)

When we tried the application of Youz go our his brilliant idea not because it’s a social app that makes you keep the identity a secret, we talked about the application openly than before (which was deleted from store software now), but because the application avoids the disadvantages of this type of application the idea is very smart which is that the speaker identity secret, and which says to comment so don’t get insulted or hurt cause you frustration and at the same time to reveal your feelings, the CIA, yours without anyone to know who you are, it is possible to receive advice about a specific problem without causing you this embarrassment.

Application made perfectly.

We believe that the application of Youz will take the luck of the month if the work of the developers of this app on the AD does not communicate a greater number of users, but the app itself is made perfectly stiff attracts you to him. You can feel safe when you use it because it has a strict control on the conversations and messages integrity of the themes and ideas as well as encrypted data and do not disclose any information to any government entity or other.

We liked in the app it’s says the status of your friends who have the same app but without identity, bringing in the Department of your friends you will see a number of publications, both thoughts or secrets or feelings but you won’t know who is this friend. This makes you move freely and give your opinion and your feelings.

Also some of the great features is the ability to see any publication of its owner make it accessible to everyone, so you can meet new friends and talk to them even without knowing their identity.

The best feature in the application of Youz is the possibility of seeing the publications for people who are near you or even in the same country or another country and this makes the app very entertaining and makes you familiar with the culture of other and different points of view about your point of view.

If you want to look at a particular topic or monitor a particular problem talking, Put a hashtag in your post or follow hashtag to see more about this topic.

More preferred section we have is a division of popular publications which interacts with the Users Application, often be important and entertaining.

Application worth the experience

We believe that the application of Youz worth the experience and encouragement, because good ideas are what make the good apps in the future.

You can download the application Youz from the software store or store Google Play for Android devices

Youz – Secret Social Network


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After you have downloaded the app tell us what you think, do you like this app and become the best in your opinion?

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