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Of the most articles that we consider that we have been talking in detail about any step or procedure done by Apple or Google. When we talk to the Apple such as was successful in reading it we see the attack we “apply” does not, and vice versa when talking to Android miss out on a point of such understanding of See attack of the aircraft, “change the name of your website for Android Islam”. So we decided to single out article to talk about the questions and criticisms that we receive in articles that Google, Apple, Android, and iOS.

أنت تسأل وآي-فون إسلام يجيب عن صراع أبل وجوجل

How do you think the superiority of Android and then move him?

This is the question or by the evaluation of these extremely complex. Unfortunately the majority of us sees things one block. In the sense that if we praise our Apple resolution, that means that Apple company flawless if criticized google it means that as a company it benefits. The reality is not so completely in and comes in a specific context. For example, imagine with me that the article talks about the maps it with and will up his point more? Go to support devices with updates for long years, do you see Apple is you on the or Google? In short, there is the context of the article talk about a certain point in this context is consistent the company on the other and therefore Laud that offer advantages better. But why not, it makes no sense to say that Apple’s flawless presence, but the advantages.

Is better iOS or Android, as well as phones?

This question is impossible to answer absolutely and there is a detailed article explaining the our secret –see this link-. But as a test, imagine with me a person a professional photographer has a huge number of DSLR cameras and lenses. Captures both image and wants to have his cell phone with the best camera possible if the site had wanted to photography and all its not in hand and we have to rely on the phone must be the best possible picture… what’s he gonna pick?! Of course, currently Huawei P20 Pro if released phone calls XYZ better camera will move to it.

Another example of” a friend of mine a doctor in Germany and he was telling me that he decided to leave Apple’s acquisition of S8 “time” and some months after I met him I was surprised that it happened to the iPhone too and I asked him tell me that he needs in his work and study it to apply the foundation taught the British important this institution is to expel the app only on iOS. So the day the iPhone resolving the conflict and no chance final for Android in the future with him as he told me and without thinking is the level with Apple.

Best is a relative thing varies from person to person and that are of interest you may not interest others

Why copy companies the advantages of each other?

We always find struggle routine among the companies of foot of these the water first and this will continue for the simple reason, and let me show you an example away from the technical:

The restaurant serves high-quality, and then start the “theme” that some young people prefer to eat the genitive a lot of cheese. Already restaurants open near them and this kind of meals. With the passage of time to find this restaurant that this type of food has gained popularity; yeah, it didn’t affect them and still their agents owe their allegiance to, and eat food they have, but from time to time when they want to taste the meals of the mountain that they go to other restaurants. Here in front of this restaurant is two options first is to suffer and will not add this kind of meals have as a result of this option will mean the loss of customers, they come already has because it serves the airport the front of this rival. The second option is to add a few dishes guine citizenship Required; Yes they will be squeezed but in the end will add more customers because it will be these dishes in its own way distinctive and unique which beats the other restaurants that preceded it in the submission.

This is the secret in a nutshell is that this feature isn’t popular so why not offer it? Google made notifications and management after Apple but they miss out on some of the advantages we have now. Provided Apple service Apple Pay after the appearance of Google wallet, but surpassed Apple on Google and it forced the latter to re-build the water from scratch and launched it Android Pay.

Why don’t you forget the kitchen companies design iPhone X?

The answer to this question requires first to clarify an important point lasted of Apple and Steve Jobs long years to be planted in the minds of billions of people is the idea of “the iPhone and Apple devices are the devices high price can not acquisition, only the elite of society the wealthy” don’t say that this idea is sound, it is not the most expensive computer in the world comes from the production of Apple’s neither the most expensive headset and not the most expensive tablet device and even the most expensive phone is iPhone X. but the idea itself has taken root in the minds so much so that a friend of mine when we talked about one of the Android phones and it comes at a price such and such said to me, “he thinks the same iPhone?” My friend that doesn’t have the iPhone by the way but the idea engrained in the minds. It’s the same you’ll find it lurking in the car for example in Egypt there is the most expensive and the best car is “Mercedes”, even if there are cars twice their price.

So because the Universal concept is that the iPhone device thinks you’re of a certain category of material sought some last even without knowing its advantages; but some don’t like iOS at the same time wants this phone, which earns me the appearance that I’m from the category of Serenity. So no companies iPhone Android. It comes companies, the Android platform offers you a phone with the same design at medium. Yes around you will know it is not X, but everybody around me and from far away they will think that I have X. this idea is not exclusive to Apple, by the way, for example, there is a car company called Zotye restrict the designs of luxury cars such as Porsche, “Porsche” and Land Rover “Land Rover” and you carbon copy Cloner for less than a quarter of the price.

The secret is not because the iPhone provided something special, but because it introduces the concept of the applicability of the special about you.

Of will waiting in the clash of Apple and Google?

There can be no middle in this conflict simply because you can’t please all users. I don’t recall in the history of mankind that there was a physical product concrete that satisfies everyone completely and… there is always the conflict between “Pepsi” and “Coca-Cola” as well as “Airbus” and “Boeing” companies are even weapons you’ll find conflict between them.

As long as you stay human, there would still be conflict and rival

But Nokia ended so why don’t you see the end of the Apple like?

In 2007 published the Forbes “one of the most famous magazines in the world” image on its cover entitled “Nokia: of CAN and with phones”. At the same time was Steve Jobs knew about the iPhone and the rest of the story we know as the world moved to smartphones of the Treaty on applications and the internet ended the era of Nokia is irreversible. What happened in a nutshell is that Nokia ignored this revolution in hardware which is announced by the jobs… and when he went to them “Andy Robin” innovative system that bears his name “Android,” asking them to support him, rejected him so he went to Google who bought the company developed Android and then back to Nokia again on their behalf “Google Android” and again rejected Nokia any that the fundamental flaw was in management and not to the companies must come to an end…

As for why not speak it now. there are several reasons, most notably:

There is no competition: Nokia didn’t die alone, but the issue of Android. BlackBerry has been eliminated by Apple; and Apple and Google both Nokia and BlackBerry, windows and palm… any form of the matter is that there is a conflict, but changed the nomenclature. Currently there is no alternative that can replace Android or iOS. The alternative to this, if any company needs software supported by tens of billions this is not available also not in the Microsoft via.

Acquisitions: we’re not in the era of Nokia and BlackBerry; the current era is entitled acquisitions first; companies have a huge stock of money and if I spotted any chance to compete even remotely for one they have to buy them… they are buying up companies that may be considering the police on the day in entering the field just as happened with Apple in the Beats before Siri and select the with Facebook in WhatsApp and Instagram. If the company gained even 1% popularity, you will be going to Apple and Google and buy it. Companies build for the money; well how much the value of your company! Like 2 million dollars! Here are 10 million will buy the company and we have you and your team for 3 years and then you’re free to use it or go. But during these years the 3 will train our staff on your plans and your thoughts that you intend to implement. This is real and happens every day and is the secret to a lot of acquisitions.

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