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Two weeks ago Apple unveiled for iOS 12, which came with many advantages that we talked about in previous articles. Since the date of the update and there are questions heaped on them either in the comments or messages so we decided to devote this article to answer some of these questions and if there’s another question, please mention it in the comments.

أنت تسأل آي-فون إسلام يجيب عن iOS 12

Why did you feel a lot of users that the iOS 12 looks like iOS 11.5’s?

This feeling is normal and I also felt the beginning of the conference it was nothing new to report and disagreed my feeling drastically after checking in to the conference system. The reason for this feeling that Apple was in the previous updates you know about a great feature and the splendid beauty of even the system and try it immediately or change in the design or add a new application. But in iOS 12 Apple focused on improvements in performance and the system as a whole and add the advantages of small, but many at the same time.

You can see that the performance improvements are enough to be updated key lasts for a year? Why Apple decided to this instead of the advantages?

Performance improvements as well as advantages of small a lot of our perspective is enough to completely because they actually live Apple for the road. Apple in general is working and allow yourself differently about any company. So Apple’s philosophy is “not going to waste the greatest amount of benefits, but we’ll get you the advantages of a complete and working”. This Short feature Apple. For example, who convinced me for the first time the acquisition of your Mac was a friend of mine said to me the words “it works” and tell me that you at any time expect it works you’ll find and you won’t believe a Windows blue famous. In recent years we have begun to see two problems in Apple are:

Advantages minus: yes, there are advantages launched by Apple has already its competitors but they came after outwit them; and curious that Apple didn’t think of the foundation in their competition but ignored the advantages of this focused on the submission of another and another. We began to see the advantages in the iOS introduction better in Android. Even simple things cancer we found Apple retreat.

Works efficiently: feature to Apple devices that they work efficiently and always; we see people who have iPhone’s several years old and it doesn’t need to because it works for him well. Now we see complaints from millions of devices is not a relatively old like a 6s but got to 7.

So I had to stand Apple stop real because they lose the basic points that underpin a strong performance and more completed.

Why justify Apple said the advantages of the new? Why don’t you think that this is intellectually bankrupt?

According to Apple , there are 88 feature in iOS 12 we know that Apple do not remember all the advantages but like to reveal to the user some with the passage of time. Have already been discover many which makes us say that there are more than 100 new feature in iOS 12. What we are saying is that there is no huge advantage.

With regard to the question of bankruptcy of the intellectual or to the number of advantages a few I advise you to review the conferences of the Google systems 7.0 “nougat” and 8.0 “oreo” and 9.0 The that the number of advantages that are revealed by Apple in iOS 12 wins numerically the announcement made by Google in 3 years. Personally I have a phone that works with 7.0 and upgraded to 8.0 and did not find a difference only in design and the possibility of split screen to run two apps.

This is not edema in the Google it is see our article about the conference final will be a tribute to “this link” but he just clarified that what is announced by Apple.

Why don’t you think that Apple stole the feature of “screen time” from Google revealed Android 9.0 is?

Held Google i/O conference in 2018 on May 8, and revealed the advantage of Digital Wellbeing after the 27 day was held Apple WWDC conference in 2018 and revealed the advantage of screen time or Screen Time there is a great affinity between the two, but overtake Apple in several points. The view of some that Apple stole from Google. But think with me, does it make sense to learn Google about the feature includes its leaders Apple and added to the already engineers are working on it and stick it and wish us to be better and be about and for developers all of this in 27 days? This is logical and often Apple worked on long before the conference. I don’t know what caused the accident that Google and Apple announce the feature are similar in less than a month, but I know very well that they stole they made some more of the Amazon and the children tablet, there are advantages there years ago made by Apple and Google in updated the last is just like Amazon.

Happened to iOS 12 and I’m having several problems do these problems in general or have just? And what is the solution?

IOS 12 demo risks for developers or people who want to access the latest advantages before others and are willing to take the risk of instability compared to that feeling. Perhaps facing a general problem or in a particular device there may be a particular problem in the 6s plus (like) ask someone else being iOS 12 the iPhone 6 and can not find it. So we recommend to inheritance by the experience of women allocated to developers.
In general you can do to restor by iTunes and to iOS 11.4.1 at any time.

You mentioned this is expected to be the last update for the iPhone 5s/6 and the iPad Air. Isn’t this the greed of Apple and a means of sordid forcing you to buy a new phone?

Apple unveiled on the iPhone 5s in 2013 and was running iOS 7 commonly referred to in the context of the Apple that the device gets 3 updates any gets on iOS 8 and iOS 9 and iOS 10, so it was a pleasant surprise last year that Apple decided to add iOS 11, and then increased sudden he’s going to get iOS 12 will improve performance. Any phone released in 9/2013 will continue to get updates until the launch of iOS 13 in 9/2019 (Apple has not announced formally to stop the update, but this stop). Can you imagine this? It’s 6 years of updates. This does not happen in any place. And Alec is an example of the best company to provide updates to their own devices after Apple it is Google.

الصورة تظهر التحديثات بالعام المالي الخاص بأبل

The image shows the updates to last year Apple

Google unveiled Google Nexus 6P and 5X in the month 9/2015 this year announced they’re not getting the Android P ! Can you imagine with me that the phone doesn’t get updated after only 3 years !!! It’s like Apple saying that the iPhone 6s will not get iOS 12. And before you say that iPhone its price is high and we pay hundreds of dollars while Android devices cheap price. This is not true, fear not google, its price was 500$. And tell me also that there are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S7 may not get Android P this phone is released in 3/2016 any just two years ago.

So, when Apple has stopped support after 5-6 years of the device it is unreasonable to believe that improper conduct because Apple offers 3 years more than its competitors.

Why not add Apple to a calculator for the iPad like the other apps?

We don’t know why that made her forget adding machine calculator; but personally I miss the stocks app in the Apple because it featured the machine bus are almost one and offers a lot in the store offers the same command without differences to remember about your homemade.

Are iOS system 12 supports Voiceover on?

Of course the Apple system template supports the voice overs, but again we reiterate that women a pilot with problems, so don’t expect it to work the water with the same efficiency found in iOS 11 offline. If the voice overs are important to you then do not upgrade trial version may be available for some reason. There are complaints that it doesn’t work with the calendar. Wait for the final version or at least wait until the second beta is like and then upgrading. But right now we don’t recommend

You added Apple really translation from English to Arab in iOS that 12?

We mentioned in a previous article that Apple added a dictionary of rude that you can upgrade fully between languages. The added Apple is a dictionary of any “teacher” and you can translate any English word to Arabic or vice versa. But translating sentences and phrases, and sites are not available.

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