You assistant Siri is not smart enough?!

In the experience of the controversial carried out by a firm Stone Temple marketing, holding of competition between the aid of smart phones, by asking the answers to all the assistant and the assistant to the smartest person there.

Was the competition between aid smart located on the coast currently and they are :Google and Siri in phones iPhone, and also cortana, Microsoft’s popular assistant Alex with Amazon. The centre provided many of the questions for each area and calculated the correct answers Answers wrong for each assistant.

هل مساعد سيري لا يتمتع بالذكاء الكافي؟!

You assistant Siri is not smart enough?!

The results came a sudden!!

Awarded assistant Google “google assistant” on a deserved first place in providing the most accurate right answers, and wrong answers have been put forward by them unlike the assistants of the other two who ranged women among them.Then followed by the third assistant of Microsoft’s “cortana” cortana who miss out on the rest of the competitors.

The second place took his digital assistant “Alexa” Alex Your with Amazon.

The odd and sad thing is that assistant of Apple’s famous “Siri” Siri on most phones iPhone and is the oldest of the assistants came in last place!

He was expected to be the most intelligent, due to the obsolescence of the iPhone attention Apple developed constantly but it seems that this development does not come to fruition the desired!

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