You become the Note 10 another phones notes from Samsung?

In 2019, the Samsung phones available in the series Galaxy A after that abolished the Galaxy J series, as the low-end phones in the series Galaxy M. It is said that the Korean company is locked points similar to on the phones leading.

As we know, currently consisting series phones Samsung leading of two families: the Galaxy S which is attached to the first half of the year, and the Galaxy Note which is attached for the second. And on paper, are no longer differences supported in the spec and gear between them, just the S Pen that comes with a family medallion.

It seems that Samsung is considering adding a stylus to one version of the Galaxy S and then killed series of the notes final the beginning of next year, according to a series of tweets from journalist Evan Blass.

He assured Ivan that Samsung is considering merging all of my family S وNote in a new series called Galaxy One; this means that the Samsung Galaxy S11 or whatever his name is, may be expected version come with a pen Note series possible – maybe version Plus large.

This looks like a reasonable plan, especially if Samsung is planning to invest strongly in the creation of a series of her phone rollaway Galaxy Fold, to replace the string Note and the date of its launch to the second half of each year.

This has Samsung confirmed that they see the future of smart phones in the phones are collapsible, they seek to develop versions of the best of the Galaxy Fold, perhaps the killing Series Galaxy Note on the success of the phone folding.

Finally, we stress very clearly, that killed the series notes has not confirmed officially by Samsung, but just a remark to the journalist Evan Blass, the famous carefully leak his writings, through his account [email protected] on Twitter.

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