You can cause the iPhone to drop a plane?!

What is the size of the damage that might be caused by the phone iPhone?! Perhaps the implementation of his cards and make a fire and maybe cause the Downing of an airliner at sea in an accident that claimed the lives of 66 people! These are the latest accusations to Apple and phones the iPhone!

هل يمكن أن يتسبب الآيفون في إسقاط طائرة ؟!

You can cause the iPhone to drop a plane?!

Flight 804 “Paris – template”

A catastrophic accident occurred in May of 2016 where the crashed plane belongs to the “Egypt air” and fell in the Mediterranean and on board 66 people of different nationalities during the flight 804 flying from Paris to Cairo.

Subsequent investigations revealed the causes of the fall of the plane after the recovered wreckage and the analysis of the Black Box data and found that the likely cause is the outbreak of a fire in the cockpit of the plane and not because of a terrorist act or a malfunction in the plane.

IPhone in the dock!

At the beginning of 2017, revealed the inquiry commissions of the French of the cause of an outbreak of fire in the plane depending on the images extracted from the surveillance cameras, which showed the presence of the iPhone 6s and the iPad Mini 4 and bag containing a bottle of perfume on the dashboard, and all of these Holdings back to the co-pilot source.

آيفون في قفص الاتهام!

IPhone in the dock!

Toggle the investigators that the cause of the fire is ignition of the lithium battery in your iPhone or iPad and the inability to control the fire, but this was just a hypothesis not supported by the evidence pieces, which push the Apple TV and then to hasten to deny that accusation confirmed that commissions of inquiry did not stop with the formal and that of its organs not related to the accident, and used the views of some experts who described the news papers.

Recently the families of the victims filed a lawsuit on Apple’s claim on the basis of those reports, to such accusations again, and maybe the reason for that mystery that still turns cause of the plane crash affected and non-connected committees investigation into the results of the cut.

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