You can now buy a copy “stolen” from the Pixel 3 XL $ 2,000!

Although the leaks relating to the phone the next Google Pixel 3 XL stretch to a few months, but that some of the leaks that sprung in the last two days different from the previous one in terms of quality and diversity of the imagery and the fact that it also contains samples from the phone’s camera.

This means that we are not before a case of diversion of conventional approached the owner of the trial version of the phone, said export of the wheel as is usually the case, but we are in front of who owns a copy (or more) of the phone and use it like his personal phone before about two months of putting them on the market!

According to the rumors the last, it seems that there are already a bunch of phones Pixel 3 XL has been stolen under unknown circumstances, he has published the website 9to5Google, citing reliable sources, says that the Ukrainian company is selling the phone in the Black Market has been allocated a channel there especially for anyone who wants to (request) phone, has announced the channel today about the Keep three version of the phone priced at $ 2000 each.

Probably lost stolen phones from one of the stores that deal with Google officially or one of the telecom companies, it appears that the recent photos back to the final version of the sale of the phone and not the trial version.

If the words of the thief that he possesses a certain amount of the phone he sold several pieces already, that means we’ll have more photos and leaks of the phone new soon.

Recall that the leaked images of the phone has sparked outrage from a lot of interested in being assured of owning a device to significantly Add to the edge of the bottom broad relatively.

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