You can now create image like you keyboard Google

Featuring keyboard Gboard developer from Google to enable the user to use a huge collection of GiF animations, posters WEEE to express himself, and today the company launches a new update allows user to create image ago.

New feature called Mini Stickers and allow the user to capture a selfie to create a Image like described by Google as “use a combination of machine learning and neural networks, and illustrations to create the best similar to you taking into account the key characteristics such as skin color and the color and shape of hair and eye color and face shape and facial hair”.

After the establishment of the image of the cartoon character of you, you’ll find them about 100 time Express different feelings equipped for use in any application conversation.

This is supposed to find the option to create image Mini catalogue posters after update Gboard to version 7.5 from Google Play , which launched today, but some may not reach it, water only after a day or two of publication of the article, as I don’t know yet the time of water-saving keyboard on iOS.

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