You can now download the game Harry Potter: puzzle yogurts on Android devices

The game Harry Potter: a puzzle of Hogwarts had officially in several countries of South Asia in preparation for the world as happened with the Pokemon atmosphere. Launch the play this way is common and to make sure it functions as it should when released on a large scale. And the game is now available for free at Google Play [Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery] however, there is an option to buy within the game but it does not fundamentally affect the fun. And because the game limited to certain countries and devices, there is an alternative way to achieve it if you can’t download from the store Google Play: Step 1: Load the game with the extension APK [link] on your phone. Step 2: Go to file transfers, Downloads, and opening the game, and fix it so the installation from an Unknown Source when prompted. You can grant the permission manually by going to Settings > Security “Security” > and select unknown sources “Unknown sources”.

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