You can now enable Dark Mode web pages and the content in the copy of Chrome Canary

يمكنك الآن تمكين الوضع المظلم لصفحات الويب والمحتوى في نسخة كروم كناري

In the last month, it was reported that Google is working on the appearance of dark Browser its Chrome, with a prepare wide of time dark version Android “Android Q”, on the other hand, although this feature is available coming on the browser, however, the estimates were it would only dim lists and menu plans with a persistence display of web pages in color of the original.

But I got the opposite, where now is a copy of Chrome Canary on Android, will browser able to change the design of the positioning and display of the background in dark colour, to enable Dark Mode by going to chrome: // flags and search for dark mode “Dark Mode” from there and activate it immediately.

Finally, when activating this mode, will lead to the use of a high-contrast setting, changing the colors of the Web page, as well as change the background color is dark, just like is the case with browser Samsung Internet, you must know that this mode saves battery on OLED screens, and be more healthy on the eyes, so if you want to experience this situation, it’s now available in the version of Chrome Canary, whether on Android or on the computer.

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