You can now legally hacking the digital rights management on your device to fix it

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Recently, there have been proposals to provide for ” right to repair “. The idea is basically that it should not punish the customer if they choose to take their machines to repair shops, non-formal, which often be cheaper rather than taking it to a repair shop official. It now appears that the new rules proposed by the secretary of the library of Congress Office of copyright the American has made things easier.

According to the report issued from the site of Motherboard, under these proposed rules, the newly that you can now breakthrough a system of digital rights management ( DRM ) to your device legally if the goal is to fix it. The establishment of DRM in the first place to prevent the theft of intellectual property, for example is put DRM in songs digital to copy songs to another computer, or burn it to a CD, or run it on the device unauthorized.

However, this new provision means that you can hack the DRM for some electronic devices if the goal is to fix the DRM stand in front of you to do this. Will apply this exemption to copyright law on smartphones and tracks and cars and smart home devices, for example but not limited to.

However, the location of the Motherboard that just because he is now legally get rid of DRM doesn’t mean it will be easy to do so. Improve the company her skills in this aspect on an ongoing basis through the innovation of new ways to prevent bypassing the DRM system, such as computers, MacBook Pro new from Apple TV which require a connection confirmation from the servers of the Apple that May has been repaired, otherwise a laptop for work, so it is still unclear how it will be plan a system of digital rights management is possible.


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