You can now update to iOS 12.1

يمكنك الآن التحديث الى iOS 12.1
You can now update to iOS 12.1

You can now update to iOS 12.1

In conjunction with the disclosure of the company’s products, mainly the iPad Pro new that we submitted in the detailed explanation of the hours before in WoT , revealed Apple also release iOS 12.1.

Prior to disclosure and advertising of send appliance expected, Tim Cook announced the president of the Apple executive to release iOS 12.0 became a wave now on 60% of devices Apple us .

The advantages of iOS 12.1

The most prominent feature to be found in the new version is the feature to Group FaceTime, which will benefit a large number of Apple users, where compatible with the phones faith the beginning of Faith 6 s to phones the faith of the new 2018 and, through them, can be combined up to 32 people to a group video call on FaceTime.

Apple also will add 70 emoji image new in this ver .

Finally, the owners of the new phones : the faith of the X s and X s Max Wax, will allow them to change the depth of the foggy background of the image in real time prior to image capture, and not after, which is extra important for photography lovers.

You can search now for the update (its size is about 464 MB) through Settings > General > Software update, with the war on I be the index of your device’s battery more than 50% and I have to answer you source of wifi internet.

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