You can prank your friends with Gap Safari new

There is the feature of browser Safari allow to select text from any website and then share it with friends via conversation, it seems that he can create news headlines are fake and the exploitation of water to share.

This gap you can put the title of the news yourself, and such as “cancel the series Game Of Thrones”, but you can choose to have the news source, none of the known sites credibility provided by the search feature, here are the steps in detail:

1 – Go to any website by the search feature.

2 – make sure the iPhone in the horizontal position.

3 – Click on the search bar and enter a bogus address.

4 – update the text that you entered and then click on the sharing option from the list.

5 – now go ahead and share it via the messaging app and you want more with him.

And so will the other party of the conversation to address the fake like the real website. It seems that the trick is currently working if the recipient of the rest are using the iPhone or iPad without a Mac or Android.

The use of the original water, you can see part of the content experience on the site appear under the title of the article at the other end.

Finally, it seems to be the gap this is not dangerous to hasten Apple to fix, but don’t expect also to endure use for a long time.

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