You can’t deny the math: as Congressman Sherman has become the enemy of cryptocommunist number one

In the beginning of the week the U.S. Congress passed public hearings of the draft law on the status of the cryptocurrency. Strongly opposed the approval of digital assets expressed by Congressman brad Sherman in his words, the coins disrupt the stability of the dollar and threaten the economy.

After these words, the Congressman for a time became the number one enemy of the crypto community on Twitter. Users raised the hashtag #CryptoCongress to the first place the most frequently mentioned in the American segment of the social network. This writes Cointelegraph.

Regulating cryptocurrencies in the United States — a new phase

During his presentation, Sherman said that in the future of cryptocurrency can get the status of money, but as long as they use only the underdeveloped countries to bypass the US sanctions. For this reason, the policies proposed to implement a complete ban on the sale and purchase of digital money in the country.

It is easy to imagine how much such statements was not liked by the enthusiasts on Twitter. Users accused the Congressman of being biased and remembered that the largest sponsor of his last election campaign was firm on service and production of plastic cards from Los Angeles.

Marius remembered that the wars in the last ten years has gone by 7.6 trillion dollars. Every year laundered about $ 60 billion.

Here the reader is reasonable to assume that the Congressman has not the slightest idea about the blockchain and cryptocurrency. The proof of this is the words about the connectivity of crypts exclusively with criminals.

Also not without accusations of conflict of interest.

The next day after hearing the hashtag #CryptoCongress scored a million references and came in first place in popularity in the us segment of Twitter. Some users strongly voiced its position on the words of Sherman. Others wrote that the US prints dollars endlessly and wouldn’t change a thing.

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