You failed to facebook in the field of artificial?

فيسبوك الذكاء الصُنعي

فيسبوك الذكاء الصُنعي

Fought “Mark Zuckerberg” in 2016 talked of a special type not declared with the end of 2015 that will be devoted to the construction of a digital assistant allows him to control his house completely via voice command, via a special application for smartphones, an assistant to the campaign name Jarvis participated “Zuckerberg” details of technical with the end of 2016.

Based on the above, the expectations of some that the level of intelligence in the network Facebook will increase significantly, have a good posture, its chief executive enabled him to build a digital assistant than zero, this means that the allocation of a whole team of those techniques will lead to mutations in this domain. But the reality was the opposite since that era.

Experienced network Facebook with the end of 2016 one of the biggest disasters e-that contributed to change and arouse public opinion, so after the Find Russian interference in the election results of America began in the network Facebook, through advertising campaigns targeted to a certain segment of the citizens in America to pay them to vote for the President and the current US Donald Trump.

After the busyness in 2017 that case that was the source of their algorithms artificial that contributed to publish false news without checking their validity, I began to facebook, 2018 a range of press releases successive targeting its smart applications, to first turn off her digital “m” M, which started work on its development since 2015. A few days later, I went out of network to announce a new section of local news within the app, which is the Department knows the news have been selected in coordination between the algorithms and a team of editors, to assume that these intelligent algorithms, which was responsible for the selection of the most notable news to display to the user.

And it wasn’t over Facebook ads at that, so the“Zuckerberg” came out to confirm about the drastic changes in the presentation of the topics within Facebook by modifying the algorithms of the latest posts News Feed, to focus on friends ‘ posts rather than posts that are posted by pages and public accounts, which covered the participation of family and friends in the past.

One of our big focus areas for 2018 is making sure the time we all spend on Facebook is time well spent.We built…

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, January 11, 2018

After those remarks and the steps snap, came out in charge of the section talks instant in Facebook mean that the company is in the process of making new changes to simplify the experience of use that complicated after a large series of features, among which was its intelligent software Bots that were designed to help users to view the proposals during the exchange of messages.

All those tools were considered in one form or another on artificial and machine learning to help organize the content displayed to the user, but every time she left without human intervention led to a disaster or to share results no one would want to have access to, especially the psychological impact of the peace for the Facebook users who indicated some studies. This implies from another angle that the efforts of Facebook in the field of machine Intelligence wasn’t in its proper place, or at least, didn’t come out the desired results.

In 2018, after all those amendments, are you going to avoid Facebook, that embarrassment is? Or is it gonna be a new failure because the algorithm by the smart didn’t even now human nature and the mechanism of their cooperation with the events.

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